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Getting the best for your summer party

Throwing an A-list summer party

Book your catering company early to ensure the best food for your A-list summer party.

Everyone wants their summer party to be the talk of the season. However, if you want your summer party to rise above the rest, then you need to start planning early in the season. The longer you wait, the more you may have to compromise.

A-list guests

To throw the summer party that will have everyone talking, you need to make sure you have the right people there. If no one can attend, who’s going to talk about it afterward? Getting your invitations out early is key to making sure that you get people before their social calendars fill up. The longer into the season you wait, the more likely it will be that people are unable to attend.

A-list location

To go with your A-list guests, you need a fabulous location. The summer weather opens up your party locations to indoor and outdoor (or both) venues. However, a great location is going to be booked quickly. Once you know your date, be sure to book your number one location as soon as possible.

A-list catering company

Catering an A-list summer party

Fresh, flavorful, and delicious catering for A-list summer parties.

Fabulous guests and a fabulous location need fabulous catering. The best catering companies are going to get scooped up quickly by other summer parties. Book your catering company early so that you are sure to get the best food and the best service for your party. If you want to throw a party that will be remembered for seasons to come – perhaps even become an annual event – you want to be able to serve your guests the best of the best.

A-list menu

Great food can help raise the bar on your event. When everything else is perfect, your menu has to be able to match the glamor and sophistication of your party. We make every dish from scratch, using the best ingredients with the best flavor. We can customize your menu to be exciting and delicious, matching the style and the theme of your party.

The best Philadelphia catering company

We’ve been in the catering industry for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on incredible flavor, unparalleled service, and professionalism. No summer party is too big, too small, too casual, or too elegant. Talk to an executive chef about customizing your summer party menu.