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Catering gourmet food to our Philadelphia clients

Catering in Philadelphia

Our vegan-friendly stuffed mushroom caps is a side dish that can hold its own against the main dishes!

Have you ever looked at a menu and thought to yourself, “I may just get a whole bunch of appetizers and side dishes, and skip the entrée!” In the past, side dishes played a small supporting role, whose purpose was to elevate the main dish. Today, everything on the plate matters. Nothing is superfluous, and we treat no ingredient or dish as an afterthought – not when it comes to our clients and the dishes, we create for catered events across Philadelphia.

An ensemble catering menu

When we create a menu for our clients, we look at every dish as a part of an ensemble. There is no star; we view our entire menu as a whole, and not as individual dishes. We want your experience to be unforgettable, from the side dishes to the entrées to the desserts. Everything should flow together, nothing should be out of place, and each bite should be in symbiosis with the next. Each dish can stand on its own, but together they should create a culinary symphony.

Experimenting with seasonal produce

Philadelphia catering service

Using fresh herbs and spices can turn a side-dish into a star!

We get excited by fresh ingredients and scour the farmer’s markets and local vendors for the latest in-season ingredient to flavor our catering dishes. Part of the appeal of catering is that you get to play with many ingredients with each client. Corporate events give us the opportunity to experiment with and create new dishes featuring the most seasonal ingredients.

Gourmet corporate catering in Philadelphia

When we cater to our corporate clients, we pour our hearts and soul and culinary expertise into each dish, no matter how big or how small. When we set up our buffet table or serve your sit-down dinner, we are proud to highlight and feature each ingredient.

We cater corporate events, special events, or private parties. Every dish on our menu is a star, and together, you’ll get a symphony of aromas and flavors, served by a courteous and professional wait staff.