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Italian food is delicious, comforting, and all about family. Whether you’re celebrating with blood relatives, your work family, or your best friends, nothing says “we’re all family” like a traditional multi-course Italian meal. With a name like DiAntonio’s, you can bet we know how to do Italian cuisine to perfection, and we’ll cater to any location in the Philadelphia area or Bucks County.

Catering a traditional Italian meal

Caprese salad is a simple Italian salad that is perfect for the antipasti course.


These dishes, as the name would imply, do not contain any pasta. It’s the appetizer portion of your meal. They can be hot or cold.

Primi Piatti

The second course is the pasta course. This would also be where you serve gnocchi and risotto. In other words, this is the carb course and the heart of what we imagine when we think of Italian cuisine.

Secondi Piatti

Italian catering in Philadelphia

Try our authentic Italian meatballs with eggplant for your Secondi Piatti.

Don’t go too crazy with the Primi course, because following it is the meat course; typically a nice piece of fish, beef, or pork. You will also find lamb, rabbit, and quail.


This is the veggie side dish that should accompany the Secondi course. Look for veggies that are in season and fresh from the market. The farm-to-table feel is an important component in a traditional Italian meal.


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Round off a traditional Italian meal with something sweet and a shot of espresso.

No Italian meal is complete without a dessert or something sweet to round out the meal. Complete the Dolce course with a nice fresh pressed shot of espresso.

Red wine

Of course, no Italian meal is complete without plenty of red wine to compliment every course. 

Catering Italian cuisine in Philadelphia

DiAntonio’s can prepare a sophisticated, yet comforting, traditional Italian meal for your next event. Treat your clients and employees to a true family style, sit-down Italian meal, or get every single course set up in one big buffet. As long as everyone sits together and enjoys the food, you’re channeling the spirit of Italy.