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Our deep-fried cheesecake was voted the most decadent dessert in Bucks Country 2016.

Planning a bridal shower menu can be a bit tricky because the surprise factor makes it hard to consult the bride. Luckily, you’ve invited the bride’s closest, oldest, dearest, and best-est friends and family members. If you all put your heads together, you should be able to come up with a menu that the bride will love, and will also create an unforgettable bridal shower.

Food memories

A bridal shower is a way to celebrate the bride as a single woman; to take a walk down memory lane of all the moments that lead up to this celebration. Each friend and family member should come up with a food memory that tells a story about their relationship to the bride.

Food memories can range from binging on decadent desserts and crying into a pint of ice-cream after a bad breakup to joyous childhood food memories. You can recreate your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, the place you always go to talk about life and love and everything in between.

If you can, try to incorporate food memories that have to do with the journey from meeting their fiance to the engagement, but this night is all about the road the bride traveled before finding true love, so don’t be afraid to bring up food memories that have to do with past relationships.

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Create an unforgettable menu filled with food memories celebrating the bride-to-be.

Most important, the food should represent the bride, whether they are silly, serious, sentimental, sad, or sexy. However, try to focus on the love and laughter most of all. Incorporate healthy dishes representing the many diets that you have all tried together over time. Then, follow up those dishes with her favorite go-to “junk” food on cheat days.

Buffet or sit down bridal shower

You can create a sit-down dinner compiled of all of your favorite food memories with the bride-to-be, or you can have it served as a buffet, leaving room to play games, drink, and mingle.

Picking your favorite food memories

Tell us your food memories, and our chefs will help you put together an unforgettable bridal shower menu.

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