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A wedding menu should reflect the couple that is getting married. A wedding is a celebration of the life that you have already created together, as well as a sendoff into your future. Choosing the perfect dishes to represent your relationship and your love is easy, as long as you find the perfect catering service who will work with you to create the dishes that you love.

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It’s your wedding! If you want gourmet comfort food, we’ll make you gourmet comfort food.

Customized wedding menu in Philadelphia

When people stand up to give speeches at a wedding, they tend to summarize moments in time that lead to the big wedding day. How a couple met, how they fell in love, and how they complement each other are all part of a great wedding speech. When you are planning a menu, the same stories can be taken into consideration to come up with dishes that tell your story.

Tell a story with your wedding menu

Of course, you want your wedding menu to be filled with foods that you both love, as well as cater to the appetites of your guests, but you can have a little fun with the menu. If you have dishes or foods that mean something personal to you, that have played a significant part in your relationship, then why not recreate those dishes at your wedding? Just like the speeches take you down memory lane, your dishes can also tell the story of how you fell in love.

Customized wedding menu and dessert

DiAntonio’s Catering can help you create the perfect wedding menu, from hors-d’oeuvre to desserts.

Wedding menus don’t have to be gourmet. If you like comfort foods, then you should have comfort foods on your menu. DiAntonio’s Catering makes each dish from scratch using fresh ingredients, which will elevate the flavor and the presentation of any dish.

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Call now to set up an appointment with executive chef John DiAntonio, or send us an email. We’re a family-run catering company located in the heart of Philadelphia. We can customize the perfect menu to complement the perfect wedding.