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Bread, bagels, trays, and pastries are one part of a complete breakfast.

The surest way to get your employees to show up on time to a breakfast meeting is to entice them with free breakfast. No matter how great you are as a boss, free food is the fastest way to your employee’s hearts. Of course, you need the right breakfast, or you’ll soon have an uprising on your hands. Avoid these breakfast meeting mistakes and keep your employees happy.

The biggest breakfast mistake

The biggest mistake bosses make when planning a breakfast menu is not to have variety. A big platter of assorted bagels and assorted cream cheeses isn’t going to do the trick. For one, a lot of your employees will scoff at the giant carb ball you’ve just placed in front of them. Others will point out their gluten intolerance or sit moody and distracted for the whole meeting as they’re thinking of where they’re headed for breakfast as soon as the meeting is over. Those who do partake will slowly lose steam halfway through the meeting, having weighed themselves down with too many bagels. Yup, one plate of bagels can ruin your whole day.

Breakfast catering Philadelphia

Add a gorgeous seasonal fruit tray to balance out your breakfast meeting menu.

Of course, if you go the opposite direction and wow your employees with a big, colorful fruit platter and nothing else, you’re going to have a lot of hungry employees by the end of the meeting because you didn’t give them enough to eat. Hunger leads to anger, hence the newly minted term “hangry.” Hangry employees are not productive.

Balanced breakfast menu

Next time you plan a breakfast meeting and promise breakfast, make sure you have:

  • Fruits or veggies (or both)
  • Protein
  • Dairy
  • Whole grains
Breakfast catering in Philadelphia

Our spring salad is perfect for breakfast. It’s a delicious balance of cottage cheese, nuts, fruits, and veggies for a balanced breakfast meal.

A balanced breakfast will keep your employees creative, energized, and full until lunch time. Variety also gives employees a choice, so no one is left not eating anything. A combination of fiber, carbs, and protein, along with a little fat will satisfy any employee so your meeting can be productive and efficient.

Breakfast catering in Philadelphia

If you’re already combining work and breakfast, you probably don’t have time to prepare a fully balanced meal for your whole team before showing up to work. Get a fresh, healthy, seasonal, and balanced breakfast menu catered to your meeting, and avoid hangry employees.