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House parties can be difficult to plan. It’s more than just opening your doors to friends and family; you need to plan. Serving drinks is a given, but the type of food that you should prepare depends on the time of day, the kind of party, the number of guests, and how much space you have in your home and your kitchen. Catering your house party is an easy way to take something off of your plate and give you more time to concentrate on setting up the rest of the party.

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We make all food from scratch, including Mediterranean humus tray.

How much space do you have in your kitchen (and beyond?)

When we cater private parties in Philadelphia and Bucks County, we need to know how much space we are dealing with in your kitchen. Can we prepare some dishes on site, or do we have to prepare everything in our kitchen and bring it to the location? Catering private parties at home often gives us less kitchen space, so we need to take that into consideration when we plan the menu.

Of course, the kitchen isn’t the only space that we need to consider. If you want to have a wait staff roaming your home with canapes and appetizers on trays, it’s important that you have enough space for that to happen; otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of spills, bumps, and dropped food.

How many people are coming (and are they all coming at the same time?)

If you have a lot of people coming, you may consider having a few food stations set up, or one big buffet.

If people are going to be filtering in and out throughout the night, arriving at different times, appetizers are great, but you’ll need to keep them coming all night long. Keeping food fresh and consistent throughout the night again brings us back to the space at hand.

  • If you want hot food, is there a place for us to keep food hot?
  • If you want cold food, is there enough refrigeration available to keep food cold?
Catering private parties in Bucks County

Our food not only tastes good, but it looks good as well. Perfect for a private party in Philadelphia.

Finger food or fork buffet (or both?)

For a party of mingling guests, and possibly limited seating available, make sure that all of the food served only needs one hand to eat. Finger food and a buffet consisting of dishes that only require a fork are ideal for a house party.

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We can cater any event in Philadelphia or Bucks County. We’ve planned catering menus for house parties, intimate gatherings, and weddings. For mouth-watering dishes for your next party, choose DiAntonio’s.

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