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When you’re running a business, you have to be smart about your use of time. Staff meetings are essential to get everyone on the same page and to talk strategy, but a staff meeting can quickly get derailed by hunger. No matter what time of day you are having your meeting, having snack and meals catered to the meeting can help you stick to your agenda and keep everyone energized and motivated.

Philadelphia Catering

Cater your breakfast, lunch, and afternoon meetings in Philadelphia and Bucks County.

Catering breakfast meetings

It never hurts to add some caffeine and sugar to your morning meetings. Early morning staff meetings can be hard because everyone is still trying to wake up. Morning meetings are always getting off to a late start because everyone is down the street, standing in line to get a cup of coffee and a bagel.

We can cater your morning meetings so that your employees show up to gourmet coffee, tea, fresh pastries, and fruit.

Catering lunch meetings

If your meeting is scheduled anywhere around lunchtime, you can bet you’re going to lose your employees once their stomachs start to rumble and their mind starts wandering to their favorite lunch place nearby. To keep the momentum going and to accomplish your goals with the meeting, keep your employees focused by assuring them that lunch is taken care of, and they’ll soon be dining on delicious buffet dishes with fresh ingredients, world-class flavors, and healthy dishes.

Our staff can bring a delicious buffet lunch to your office, set it up without distracting from the meeting, and have lunch ready for your staff as they pour out of the conference room. Once your staff is done eating, they’ll be happy and full and ready to take on another couple of bullet points on the agenda.

Bucks County corporate catering

Our turtle brownies are to die for!!

Catering end of day meetings

Much like breakfast, end of day meetings should lead your staff to a few treats and sweets; a little kick of sugar to keep them alert for an end of the day meeting. We can set up some snacks, like our fresh guacamole (a favorite of all our clients), an assorted cheese platter, fresh fruit, veggie platters, and of course, brownies and chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven.

DiAntonio’s is a Philadelphia catering company. We serve the greater Philadelphia area and Bucks County. Pick from our menu, or talk to a chef about a customizing your catering to meet all of your needs and dietary requirements.