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Every wedding has to serve some sort of food. There are a few wedding traditions that can be scrapped from the program, but the food isn’t one of them, especially if you’re Italian. A wedding is all about uniting two people, as well as bringing two families together. Let’s face it, the modern family could consist of more than one family being united. There’s nothing more traditional in an Italian family than breaking bread and sharing a meal. We love cooking Italian cuisine and would love to help you create the perfect Italian wedding menu.

Italian wedding catering

Our bite-sized Insalata Caprese on a stick in a perfect aperitivo to start your wedding meal.

Family Style Wedding Catering

One of the growing wedding trends in the family style wedding. For an Italian wedding meal, having big platters filled with delicious, mouth-watering Italian cuisine in the middle of a big family table is one tradition that you can’t go without. Food will bring families and friends together, and that’s what a wedding should be all about.

Mouthwatering Italian Dishes

Our chefs will put together an authentic Italian meal comprised of a traditional Italian meal progression. At your wedding tasting, we’ll decide just how many of the courses that you wish to include in your wedding meal. What’s most important is that you get to pass around mouthwatering dishes, joining both families together and creating a lasting bond over a great meal.


Authentic Italian wedding catering

We only use the highest quality beef for the secondo.

Before you make your way to the family table, we can have an aperitivo or two for your guests as they arrive from the ceremony to the reception. An aperitivo is a small bite or appetizer. The aperitivo that you choose will set the tone for the rest of the meal.

Antipasti, Primo, and Secondo

As you sit around a big family style table, well serve your the traditional three-course progression. We’ll start with antipasti as a fresh and light starter course. Next, we’ll move to the primo course and bring on some homemade pasta dishes. Of course, everything will be handmade from scratch, and we’ll keep it light so as not to weigh you down for the rest of the festivities. We’ll finish off the family style meal with a meat course consisting of the best quality meat available, and we’ll round out the meal with a few scrumptious sides to go with the secondo meat course.

Formaggi e Frutta, Dolce, and Caffè

Family style Italian wedding catering

Treat your guests to a beautiful Formaggi e Frutta platter to end a great meal.

As the night progresses, we can set up stations with traditional formaggi e frutta, dolce, and caffè. Our presentation is always as great as our food, so you’ll have beautiful cheese platters with local artisan cheeses, as well as fresh seasonal fruit. The coffee will ensure that your guests can keep up with the band. This will give your guests something to snack on as your take the party to the dance floor.

Italian Wedding Catering in Philadelphia

Talk to our chefs about customizing the perfect Italian wedding meal. We will create dishes that will be so good, you’ll think we kidnapped your grandmother. Let us cook your foods to help make your wedding day perfect and delicious.