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Corporate event catering in Philadelphia

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Gourmet dishes and professional catering staff for your next client dinner.

When you really want to impress your clients, it’s time to hire a catering service that can pull off a gourmet sit-down client dinner. Besides a delectable menu, timing is the most important factor in pulling off a formal client dinner.

Impress your clients

At DiAntonio’s, we make gourmet dishes, even for the most casual events. We never skimp on quality, whether the food is individually plated and served by a professional wait staff or set up buffet style. When you really want to impress your clients, you can never go wrong with a gourmet sit-down dinner event.

Choosing a venue

Gourmet event catering service in Philadelphia

We can customize any menu for any size event in Philadelphia.

Staging a formal sit down client dinner starts with the perfect venue. Make sure that you can arrange the seating and space in any way that you want, creating the perfect layout for a smooth and successful dinner party.

Although you’ll eventually be seated for dinner, expect your guests to stand and mingle as they are arriving. Make sure you stage the venue so that there is room for your guests to walk about with a cocktail and introduce themselves to the rest of your guests.

Room for the wait staff

You also need to leave enough room for the servers and wait staff to get around the table without knocking into guests and chairs. The last thing you need is a disastrous accident resulting in dropped dishes and red wine stains.

Timing the meal

Planning a client dinner in Philadelphia

No gourmet client dinner is complete without a rich, decadent dessert!

Talk to your DiAntonio’s staff about the timing of your event and how you see the evening progressing. If there are going to be breaks in the dinner service to allow for client presentations, be sure to let your catering company know so that we can prepare the courses accordingly. We always strive to have our food cooked, delivered, and served on time, so we need to coordinate the agenda ahead of time.

Serving each guest at the same time

Our food is made from scratch using the best ingredients each season has to offer. We take pride in the way we prepare our food and the way it is plated, impressing your guests with creative, colorful, and delicious dishes. We’ll make sure each guest is served on time, avoiding any awkward moments where half the guests have been served and the other half is sitting around waiting. We will help plan your menu, and your evening, down to the smallest detail so that everything goes off without incident.

Philadelphia gourmet event catering

We know how important it is to make a good impression on your clients. DiAntonio’s has catered sit-down client dinners throughout Philadelphia and Bucks County since the 80’s. Our professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service are what sets us apart from the competition, but it’s the food that keeps our customers coming back for more. Want to put together a sit-down dinner to impress clients? Choose DiAntonio’s Philadelphia Catering Company.