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Wedding reception buffet

There are many different styles of food service at a wedding reception. A buffet is a great option for couples who are looking for a more casual atmosphere. However, DiAntonio’s will always make sure that even a simple wedding reception buffet menu is befitting your most special day.

Wedding reception buffet in Philadelphia

Assorted artisanal cheeses arranged beautifully on a platter is the perfect bite for a wedding reception buffet.

Planning the wedding reception buffet menu

There are no limits to the types of dishes you can create for your wedding menu, but there are a few considerations that every couple must take. Depending on how long you plan on your reception to last, the types of dishes that are appropriate will vary. Also, the location of your wedding is going to help you decide on the right types of dishes.

Outdoor wedding receptions

If you are throwing your wedding reception outside during the day, you want to choose foods that will be able to stand up to the elements and the heat of being outside. Of course, you always want to create a bit of cover for your buffet and your guests, but a raw sushi and oyster bar may not be the best option for a mid-day wedding reception in the sun.

The right food for the time of day

Depending on the time of day of your wedding, you’ll want to pepper your buffet menu with appropriate food items. If you’re getting the festivities off to an early start, have some trays with fresh fruit and breakfast items available and then slowly work your way to lunch items. For daytime wedding receptions, keep the food light and fresh so you don’t weigh your guests down. If it’s going to be hot, keep your buffet cool and refreshing.

The best catering for weddings in Philadelphia

Keep your wedding reception buffet light and refreshing and easy to eat.

Appetizers and snacks on the buffet

If you are starting in the afternoon with welcome drinks and champagne, start your buffet off with some appetizers and finger foods. Nothing too greasy, because guests are going to be shaking a lot of hands, and there are expensive wedding clothes that don’t want greasy finger stains all over them. Artisanal cheese trays and other easy to eat foods are perfect for an afternoon wedding reception.

From a buffet reception to a sit-down dinner

If you are really spoiling yourself – and your guests – at your wedding, a buffet full of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres can start off light, just to give your guests a bit of food to go with the bubbles and cocktails. Fun little single-serving dishes that are easy to eat while you mingle and say hello to your guests. Once the initial introductions are done, you and your guests can move to the tables for a fancy sit-down wedding dinner.

Wedding reception catering in Philadelphia

DiAntonio’s has been catering weddings and receptions throughout the Philadelphia area and Bucks County. Work with our executive chefs to customize your reception buffet, and then work the best transition from the reception to the sit-down wedding dinner. We can do it all, and we’ll do it exactly the way you always envisioned so that your wedding is truly the most magical day of your lives.