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Customizing the perfect wedding menu

No matter what the season, people are always getting married. Next to the wedding dress, picking a wedding menu is the biggest hurdle to overcome. DiAntonio’s Catering Company can help you customize the perfect wedding menu in Philadelphia and Bucks County, no matter the season.

Work with our executive chef to create a wedding menu

The wedding menu is always deeply personal and will reflect the palate of the bride and the groom. When you sit down with our executive chef to plan your wedding menu, break with the traditional “steak or fish,” and work with fresh seasonal ingredients to create a personal wedding menu that shows off your personality.

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Working with the seasons to plan a wedding menu

At DiAntonio’s, we’re all about the ingredients. We work with fresh ingredients to create every dish from scratch. When we are in charge of the catering for a wedding, we let the ingredients guide our menu. Of course, you want your favorite dishes at your wedding, but we can create your favorite foods using locally sourced ingredients that are bursting with color and flavor. Each season brings fresh food opportunities to create delicious dishes.

If you have a spring or summer wedding, think about lighter and brighter dishes that go with the warm weather.

If you have a fall or winter weather, consider heartier meals that won’t weigh down your guests.

Gourmet comfort food on your wedding menu

Remember, this is your day and your menu. If you want to recreate your favorite childhood comfort foods for your wedding menu, then that is your prerogative. We are just here to make each dish taste and look as good as possible. If roasted chicken breast and mashed potatoes are your absolute favorite, we can make you the best darn chicken and mash you and your guests have ever tasted. With a little plating magic, we can present comfort food with gourmet flair fit for any wedding.

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We have been catering weddings in Philadelphia and Bucks County for over 25 years. We will work with you to create the perfect wedding menu to help make your wedding day the best day of your life.

Congratulation, and Bon Appetit!