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There’s an art to planning a productive working lunch – the operative word being “productive.” Catering your working lunch goes a long way to making sure that your meeting is as productive as possible.

Catering a working lunch

We work with local bakeries to get fresh sandwich bread every day and shop locally for the freshest and best ingredients.

Impressing clients with a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant is great, but it doesn’t make for a very productive meeting. If you have to get things done during your lunch, you are better off staying at the office. Staying at the office means that you have everything you need, from fast and secure Internet to conference rooms with audio-visual capabilities that you are familiar with, as well as having all your colleagues within close range, just in case you need them to help out or answer additional client questions. Logistically, working lunches work better in the office.

Cater your working lunch

You need to have catering taken care of ahead of time so that you don’t waste time during the meeting talking about what to order, or where to go, or waiting for someone to come back from the local deli. Have the food already planned, delivered, and set up by the time your clients arrive for the working lunch. If people are hungry, they get cranky and distracted. If you are having a working lunch, make sure you follow through on the “lunch” part.

The more organized and prepared you are before the meeting starts, the more productive the meeting will be and making sure that your clients are properly fed will make your meeting much more productive.

Lunch catering in Bucks County

Our catered lunch buffet dishes are fresh, seasonal, and delicious.

Order food that is easy to eat and not too messy. A juicy meatball sandwich sounds good until you have a giant stain on your business casual shirt. The food should make the meeting run smoothly, not be a distraction. You also don’t want to have food that is sticky or messy so that you are getting grease and food particles all over your work.

Make the lunch fresh, healthy, nutritionally balanced, and, most importantly, delicious.

Philadelphia and Bucks County lunch catering

For catered working lunches in the Philadelphia area and Bucks County, talk to DiAntonio’s.

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