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The best catering in Philadelphia

Fresh and seasonal catering in Philadelphia

Even our most popular items, like our guac, is made from scratch for every client.

Using fresh and seasonal ingredients is just one of the reasons that DiAntonio’s is the best catering company in the Philadelphia area. No event is too big or too small, from private parties to corporate events. We always make our food from scratch, customizing delicious menus for each client to ensure complete satisfaction.

Fresh ingredients

Each client deserves the best, and that means making each dish from scratch for each client. For example, we know that our guacamole is incredibly popular, as well as our cookie and brownie trays, but we still make every order of guac and every chocolate chip cookie to order.

We want our food to look and taste the best, and we can only achieve that by using fresh ingredients each and every day.

Seasonal ingredients

We are inspired by the ingredients that we use, and each season brings new inspiration. Of course, there are classic ingredients that carry from season to season, but when you cook with seasonal ingredients, you get much bigger and bolder flavors.

Local ingredients

Seasonal and fresh catering in Philadelphia

Seasonal and fresh ingredients will make any dish taste better.

To get the freshest and best ingredients, we look to local farmers and vendors. We shop locally whenever possible to get fresh farm ingredients, from veggies, fruit, meats, and cheeses. Every sandwich is made with fresh baked bread from local bakeries.

Healthy catering

Cooking from scratch gives us complete control of every ingredient. If you’re looking for a healthy catering service, DiAntonio’s can make sure there aren’t hidden salts, sugars, and fats in your meal because we’re in charge of each ingredient. We can also add or subtract anything to please your taste buds or appease your food allergies.

Order healthy and delicious catering in the Philadelphia area

DiAntonio’s has been serving fresh, healthy, mouth-watering food to Philadelphia and Bucks County for over 25 years. Talk to one of our chefs about creating a menu for your next catered event.