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At DiAntonio’s, our passion is cooking great, nutritious, and delicious food for the people. Whether it’s a private birthday party, a formal wedding, or a corporate event, our food is always made from scratch. However, our love of cooking great food is just one reason we make everything from scratch. There are three major benefits to freshly prepared food.

Fresh catering made from scratch in Philadelphia

Food made from scratch ensure the freshest, healthiest, most seasonal, and nutritious ingredients.

Fresh food is healthier

When you make each dish from scratch, you get to choose each ingredient. You have the ability to choose the freshest, most seasonal products that are rich in flavor and nutrition for maximum health benefits.

Avoid allergies and food sensitivities

When you’re catering a meal to a large (or intimate) group of people, there are bound to be some allergies and food sensitivities to which we have to adhere. Being in control of each ingredient allows us to create dishes that will satisfy, delight, and avoid any allergic reactions and trips to the ER. There’s nothing that ruins a dinner party quicker than having to whip out an EpiPen!

Catering with fresh and seasonal ingredients

Our homemade guacamole is a client favorite and is made fresh, from scratch, every day!

Support your local community

When we make each catered meal from scratch – from the guac to the main course to the dessert – we look to our local farmers and vendors to get the best ingredients. By making each dish from scratch, we support our community, and by choosing catering by DiAntonio’s, you are part of the tradition of sharing food and supporting your community. When you hire DiAntonio’s, you are passing on the farm to table trend and helping to build a strong community, all while dining on mouthwatering dishes.

Catering made from scratch in Philadelphia and Bucks County

DiAntonio’s has been immersed in the Philadelphia culinary scene for over 25 years. We have a proud tradition of making each dish from scratch using fresh, seasonal, and often locally sourced ingredients. Get gourmet catering for any occasion when you hire DiAntonio’s Catering Company to cater your next special event.