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Many brides and grooms don’t have time to eat the day before the wedding. Stress, nerves and last-minute details often lead to really bad food choices. On any other day, “cheat days” are fine. However, on the day before your wedding – the day you need to fit into a custom wedding dress or tailored suit, the day that will be etched in your memory (and social media) forever – on that day, you want to eat something that will help you look and feel your best. 

What to eat the day before your wedding

Cheese and crackers seem like a great go-to snack, but the high fat and high salt content can leave you bloated and uncomfortable on your wedding day.

What to eat the day before your wedding

The last thing you want the day of your wedding is to walk down the aisle with a food baby. Avoid foods that can lead to bloating to ensure that your wedding day is a “flat stomach day.”

Fat and sodium

Salt will cause you to retain water, and fats will delay your metabolism and keep your stomach full for longer. Fat and salt are the reason that although pizza is delicious, you won’t feel delicious after eating a slice. Yes, one slice of pizza is enough to make you feel uncomfortable and bloated.

No matter what you reach for the day before your wedding, check the fat and sodium content. Many prepared meals, even healthy looking canned soups, contain hidden fats and extra sodium. So, even though you’re stressed, you’re much more likely to eat non-bloaty foods if you prepare your meals yourself. That way, you can control the fat and the sodium.

Play it safe

Don’t take any chances with new foods the day before your wedding. Don’t hit an all you can eat shrimp buffet, not matter how reputable the place is! You may not have any known allergies, but the days leading up to your wedding is no time to test your system with new foods.

The best foods to eat before your wedding

Eating foods that give you all the essential vitamins and minerals will leave you looking and feeling great on your wedding day.

Stay hydrated

Reduce water retention by staying hydrated at all times. Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go to make sure you are staying hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated will also give your skin a little extra boost in freshness and vitality, so you’ll shine on your wedding day.

Gourmet wedding catering

On your wedding day, DiAntonio’s will make sure your wedding menu is executed to perfection, elegantly presented, and served by professionals so that your guests are satisfied, satiated, and super impressed. We can customize your wedding menu to ensure that we aren’t causing unnecessary bloating and discomfort in your guests. However, we are not responsible for guests eating too much because the food is delicious. 

Talk to our chefs about creating the perfect menu for your perfect wedding.