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The hottest new trend in the food industry is waste-based cooking. Home cooks and top chefs are taking a stand against the enormous amount of food that we waste each year and turning waste into gourmet, restaurant quality dishes. You’ll never look at leftovers the same again.

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Our clients love our fresh guacamole; not a single drop is left!

Too much food wasted each year

Think of how much food you tossed in the garbage disposal (or composted) after last night’s dinner. It may not seem like a lot, but when you imagine that everyone is wasting the same amount – maybe more – then it all starts to add up to an incredible amount of wasted food. To put it into numbers you can understand, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimate that 1.3 tons of the food produced worldwide are wasted or lost. 1.3 tons!

Waste-based cooking

In the statistic mentioned above (do we need to say it again? 1.3 tons of wasted food a year!), fruits and veggies are the most wasted food items, probably because we think that veggies don’t keep well for next day meals, especially cooked veggies. However, where there’s a will there’s a way, and now many people have the will to do something about the amount of food that we waste. Thus, the waste-based cooking phenomenon was born.

Waste-based cooking is exactly what it sounds like – taking food that you would normally consider waste and turn the ingredients into a new and delicious meal. It’s more than just microwaving yesterday’s leftovers and getting a sad version of the original meal. Waste-based cooking is finding its way into gourmet restaurants who gather scraps and waste from previous meals and use the ingredients to make a whole new dish.

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Corporate lunch catering in Philadelphia

If you have leftovers from your corporate lunch, keep them for the next day or let your employees take food home.

Now, don’t get scared. We know it sounds like we’re proposing to take the leftovers from yesterday’s corporate lunch and reselling them to the next client. That is not what we do, but we do practice sustainability and socially responsible catering practices by sourcing many of our ingredients from local vendors and small Philadelphia farms. Although all of our Philadelphia catering clients get freshly prepared dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we can talk about how to minimize food waste when customizing your catering menu

Let your employees take home leftovers from your catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner

You can also encourage sustainable corporate catering by allowing your employees to take home the leftovers. That way, they can practice waste-based cooking at home and help change the way we consume (and waste) food. 

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The best way to manage food waste is to create mouth-watering dishes that you can’t stop eating. If you want gourmet dishes made fresh for your next catered Philadelphia event, let DiAntonio’s prepare the menu.