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Farm fresh catering in Philadelphia

Customize your lunch menu with a local Philadelphia catering service to impress clients.

Meeting clients over lunch is an age-old tradition, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same boring, old script. You may be tempted to impress your clients by taking them to a swanky restaurant, but if you want a productive business meeting as well as delicious food, instead of picking up the phone to make a reservation, call and talk to a local Philadelphia caterer about bringing the food to you and your clients.

Benefits of a catered lunch meeting

A restaurant may be impressive, but it’s hard to be productive when you are surrounded by other people talking all around you. It will be much easier for you to control the meeting and stick to your agenda if you have the food delivered to the office.

A catered lunch menu can be customized to impress your clients. Working with DiAntonio, you’ll plan a menu with the executive chef, making sure your lunch is both delicious and impressive to your clients.

You can also control and plan the atmosphere and ambiance to ensure productivity and a great setting for eating and socializing over lunch. You can talk business in one area of your office while we set up for a beautiful lunch in another room.

Corporate catering Philadelphia

Our gourmet, farm-fresh dishes are just what you need to impress your clients at your next lunch meeting.

Impress clients with a personalized catered lunch

Having your business lunch catered allows you to focus on your agenda, while our team takes care of all the catering needs, ensuring that it not only tastes great, but looks beautiful as well.

We know how important it is to make a great impression. We can adhere to all of your dietary restrictions, and clients will be impressed that you are taking their needs into consideration. Being able to plan a menu that is unique to your clients will be an impressive touch and show them that you are serious about retaining their business.

Gourmet lunch catering in Philadelphia

Finish off a gourmet lunch with some sweet treats.

Customize your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu in Philadelphia

Our dishes are made from scratch using local and seasonal ingredients from Philadelphia farms. Fresh food tastes better, and clients will be much more amenable to doing business when they have been fed a mouth-watering lunch.

We’ll help you plan your breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting down to the smallest detail, helping you create a delicious, productive, and personal experience for your clients.

Talk to our executive chef today about your next meeting or event.