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There’s nothing better than throwing a dinner party, feeding friends and family, and opening up your home to those you hold near and dear. However, planning a party, especially a menu, can send even the coolest hostess into a complete frenzy. Planning a party should be stress-free from start to finish, so here are a few tips for the hosts and hostesses out there to keep your summer parties stress free.

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A party isn’t a party without our signature Lo Mein Chopsticks.

We’ve all got our favorite dishes to cook, those we know are winners and will wow your guests, but at some point, you need to retire that famous lasagna and stretch your culinary capabilities. You don’t want your guests to get bored – or worse, bore yourself with the same old dishes. But whipping up new dishes is easier said than done. Sure, you can look up pretty much any recipe on the Internet and probably get a few video tutorials on how to prepare the food, but trying anything new can bring anxiety and pressure.

Don’t stress over new dishes

If you insist on testing your cooking skills with new fancy dishes, try to make them a few days before so you can plan out your day – like a dry run for your dinner party. The famous chef recipe you are following online may give you a prep and cook time, but if this is your first time, chances are it’s going to take a lot longer. Don’t wait until the day of your dinner party to find out that you don’t have time to cook the dishes you wanted, or that you can’t pull off the chosen recipe.

Worse than ruining the food with bad planning and lack of culinary skills is that the stress you’re putting on yourself to surprise your guests is going to get in the way of you enjoying your party. Of course, you want your food to be great, but you also want to spend time with guests and partake in the festivities. You don’t want to be in the kitchen sweating over the stove, pulling your hair out because that souffle you decided to try collapsed.

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Don’t try this at home. Hire our founder and executive chef, John, to do it for you while you entertain your guests.

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At DiAntonio’s, we’ve catered summer parties, dinner parties, corporate events, and intimate gatherings, allowing the host and hostess to spend time where it counts – with their guests. Catering your event allows you the best of both worlds; you can create a mouth-watering menu with old favorites or new, exciting dishes. Once you’ve planned the menu with our executive chef, you can move on and spend your time buying enough booze to keep the party going.

Catering your party allows the best of both worlds. You get time with your guests and a variety of fresh, seasonal dishes.