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Customize your wedding buffetBenefits of wedding buffet

Wedding food will take up a significant portion of your wedding budget. Choosing a menu that is both elegant enough for a wedding but affordable enough to stay within your budget can sometimes be difficult. However, with the right wedding catering, you can have an incredible selection of dishes that both look and taste delicious. Customize the wedding buffet to fit any wedding theme and any level of sophistication.

Wedding buffet is cost-effective

Having a wedding buffet will cut down on the cost of labor. You won’t have to hire extra staff to plate and serve every dish. However, a buffet doesn’t take care of itself. You will still need to have servers on hand to help your guests and ensure that the buffet always looks spectacular.

Wedding buffet can be beautifully presented

A wedding buffet can be presented in a way that fits your wedding style. A buffet is more than just placing trays of food on a long table. The presentation is as important as the food itself. Whenever we’re catering a wedding in Philadelphia, we put as much care and detail into the presentation itself as we do in creating and executing each dish. We can arrange all the dishes on one table, or we can spread the buffet throughout the room and have different serving stations. Maybe you can have one area that is all appetizers, one station that is salads and side dishes, and then a meat carving station. For the meat, we’ll be sure to have a chef/server stationed at the table to help your guests. We’ll have enough staff on hand to make sure that your buffet continues to look appetizing and beautiful throughout the wedding.

Gourmet wedding buffet cateringA wedding buffet has something for everyone

Finally, when you are bringing in friends, families, and colleagues, a wedding buffet will have something for everyone. Your grandpa who only eats meat and potatoes can choose to just fill his plate with meat and potatoes. The vegetarians will still have a full plate of great dishes, and all the foodies will have a wide selection of tasty culinary treats. You can’t please everyone, but with a wedding buffet, you’ll get pretty darn close.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

Whatever the style of your wedding, a buffet is the best way to stretch your wedding menu budget. We’ll help you come up with the perfect wedding menu. No event is too big or too small, too intimate or too grand. When you have DiAntonio’s cater your wedding, the only thing that is going to get hitched is you! We’ll make sure everything else runs smoothly with great customer service, presentation, and mouth-watering dishes.