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The perfect wedding menu

Before you get to the “I dos,” let’s talk about some of the “don’ts” when it comes to planning a wedding menu. This is your day, and the wedding menu should be a reflection of the couple. The wedding menu should not only be delicious, but it should be worthy of a few photos in your photo album, and a lot of “ooooh, have you tried this, it’s to DIE for” heard echoing throughout the dinner service.

Gourmet wedding catering in Philadelphia

Choose premium ingredients that you both love when planning our wedding menu.

Choose food you know you like

The biggest mistakes that couples make when planning a wedding menu is to get too fancy or veer too far outside of their culinary comfort zone. You may like the sound of Foie Gras, truffles, and caviar, but do you even like Foie Gras, truffles, and caviar? Before you start taking out a loan to pay for expensive ingredients, make sure that they are ingredients that you like. Choose a wedding menu that consists of food that you know you love.

Simple and delicious ingredients

Every couple has a wedding budget, so make sure you spend it wisely. Talk to your caterer about your favorite types of ingredients. What types of proteins do you love to eat, and what types of sides and veggies? Do you like a bit of heat and spice, or are you more mellow in your flavors? Once we understand your palate, we will create special dishes with your favorite ingredients. Your budget will go towards ensuring that even the simplest of ingredients is of the highest caliber.

Use fresh ingredients in your wedding menu

We only use the freshest ingredients in creating our wedding menu.

Seasonal ingredients

The flavor profile that you choose for your wedding menu is going to be all the more special if you choose ingredients that are in season. When you cook with seasonal ingredients, you are making sure that everything is fresh, ripe, and packed with maximum flavor and nutrients. Seasonal ingredients also look better. When you choose ingredients that are out of season, you are going to sacrifice flavor, so don’t make the mistake of choosing too many ingredients that are out of season.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

DiAntonio’s Catering will help you create your dream wedding menu. We cook every type of cuisine authentically, using the best ingredients – many locally sourced.

Talk to an executive chef about your wedding menu.