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Boxed lunched for corporate outings

Paris bistro wraps in the making, made fresh every day with ham, brie, spinach, tomato, and honey mustard.

Catered lunch on-the-go in Philadelphia

If you’re heading out for a corporate team building retreat, talk to DiAntonio’s about making boxed lunches for the entire team. We’ve catered corporate lunches and events throughout Philadelphia, and our individual boxed lunches are perfect if you are heading out into the wild to test and improve your teamwork. However, don’t let the box fool you. Our food is still as tasty as ever, regardless of the packaging.

Lunch catering in Philadelphia

Wilderness retreats are wildly popular for corporations to bring employees together and improve communication and teamwork. If you’re heading out into the wild, it’s not always easy to get a delicious catered lunch. The whole point of team building in the wild is to strip your employees of their modern-day amenities and force them to work together.

Corporate lunch catering in Philadelphia

Our sandwiches are the best in the biz, and they’re made fresh every day for our corporate clients.

We can create our delicious lunch dishes and pack them in individual lunch boxes for a simple but satisfying lunch for your every employee. We promise that our boxed lunches will hold more than a tuna sandwich, a bag of chips, and a juice box. Just because it’s packed in a box doesn’t mean the ingredients are any less than our usual standards.

That being said, we make a mean tuna salad, and it’s made fresh to order for all of our corporate catering clients.

We use fresh, seasonal, and often locally sourced ingredients to create every dish from scratch. We can accommodate all cuisines and all food and diet restrictions.

Catering for corporate retreats in Philadelphia

Everything is made fresh every day, even our delicious chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

Customized catered boxed lunch in Philadelphia

To customize your lunch boxes for your next corporate retreat, talk to our executive chef. Together, we can create a mouth-watering lunch, and pack it up individually in boxes. They’re perfect if you have a long bus ride ahead, and it minimizes the need for a lot of set-up and equipment once you reach your destination.

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