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Corporate catering in Philadelphia

Food can bring people together. It is no different with your employees, so you should make food a part of your corporate culture. Instead of heading out to lunch, have lunch catered to your corporation and invite your employees to be a part of the menu selection.

Corporate catering

Hot sliced filet over mango salsa by DiAntonio’s Catering Company in Philadelphia.

Everyone needs to eat

As much as you would like your employees to “work, work, work, work, work, work” (Thank you, Rihanna and Drake), everyone has to eat at some point. You can make eating a part of your team building strategy. The more you bring your team together, the more efficiently your business will run. Great food can help your business succeed!

Let the catering menu be a group experience

You want to treat your employees with a great meal that will energize and excite them. Great food can be a conversation piece, and the food is a great way to create unity and togetherness.

Instead of telling your employees what they should be eating, let your team be a part of the menu selection. Food can show personality, and having different people be a part of customizing the menu is a way for an employee to show a personal side to themselves, and for others to get to know their teammates on a more intimate level.

Take turns creating a menu for the rest of the company

Corporate lunch catering in Philadelphia

We make authentic ethnic food for Philadelphia corporations, like our Lo Mein Chopsticks.

Let individuals be in charge of customizing a menu, or take turns between departments. Make it a game. If you have to take time out of your busy day to eat, why not make it fun? Create food themes and start a conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with your business, but will bring your team together so that they return to their duties closer and more unified as a team.

Catering themes for corporations in Philadelphia

A large corporation is going to have people from many cultures, with many different palates. Find a catering company that can make ethnic foods authentically so that you can vary your menu and create dishes for everyone.

Local corporate catering company in Philadelphia

We’ve been creating mouth-watering menus for corporations in Philadelphia for over 25 years. We make all of our dishes from scratch, and we can accommodate any food that you would like. Being a Philadelphia-based catering company, we take pride in buying locally produced and grown ingredients whenever possible.

Talk to our executive chef today about creating delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for your corporation.