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Gourmet corporate catering in Philadelphia

Sliced filet with an Asian cabbage slaw on a housemade pancake roll.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sometimes, the way to new clients’ hearts is through their stomachs as well. After pitching a brilliant idea, solidify the relationship with a gourmet catered lunch to the office.

Do your research

Just like you’d research the client before trying to win their business, you can also research their favorite dishes and drinks. Gourmet catering is the cherry on top of a great business pitch.

The way to find out what your clients love is to get a hold of their assistants. Chances are they’ve had to set up many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for their boss and they know what type of cuisine they like and what they don’t. Find out where they like to eat in their area, if they have any dietary restrictions, or if there’s something they despise. Then, talk to the DiAntonio’s staff about creating the perfect catering menu to impress your clients.

Fresh, local ingredients

Best catering in Philadelphia

Sweet Chili Chicken by the best catering chefs in Philadelphia.

We’ve been a part of the Philadelphia culinary scene for over 25 years. We know where to get the best, freshest, and most seasonal ingredients. We support local farmers and local vendors, always keeping it in the family as much as we can. We take pride in being great chefs, and we want the food to reflect our dedication to service and delicious cuisine. That’s why we make everything from scratch for all of our corporate clients.

Don’t compromise on your dishes. We have a large selection of customer favorites that our repeat clients keep coming back for again and again, but we can also customize any menu to give you breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All you have to do is ask.

Philadelphia corporate catering

A great pitch followed up by a scrumptious meal is just one way to welcome the new client to the family. Call DiAntonio’s today, and we’ll put together gourmet dishes to help you seal the deal.