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Politicians are busy people. They travel from state to state, and back again. When they’re not debating policy or writing new laws, they are meeting constituents and trying to get in some family time. It’s hard to imagine that they ever have time to eat! The busy life of a politician is the bee’s knees to any catering company. We love people who are too busy to cook for themselves, and not only are they too busy to cook, but they are also always throwing events. When politicians need great food for a Philadelphia event, they call DiAntonio’s Catering.

Catering political events in Philadelphia

DiAntonio’s Catering has catered events for top politicians, like Hillary Clinton.

Catering for presidents and politicians

Running for political office is a non-stop, take-no-prisoners job. You are constantly on the go, and good food is hard to come by when you are busy. On the campaign trail, be it President Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton, you need people around you that you can trust, and that includes a catering company that will set up, serve, and clear up on time. You also want the best food for the budget you have.

DiAntonio’s have been the catering company of choice when politicians come to Pennsylvania. We’ve catered political events in Philadelphia for such renowned politicians as President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani.

Catering on a budget

Special event catering in Pennsylvania

Executive catering chef, John DiAntonio, with Senator John McCain.

We’re all aware that politicians are on a budget. When you’re working with the tax payers dollars, you’re not ordering lobster and caviar. We work with fresh seasonal ingredients and local vendors to get the most flavor and the brightest colors out of each of our dishes.

Special event catering service in Philadelphia

Our team consists of professional chefs, led by our executive chef and Philadelphia native, John DiAntonio. Together, we can create mouth-watering dishes that fit any occasion and any event. We set up, serve, and break-down on time, making sure your event runs smoothly. We understand that politicians need to put their best foot forward to raise funds for their political campaign, or to impress voters and donors. If your guests are hungry, they become stingy and crabby,  and neither are good for politicians.

You can trust DiAntonio’s to follow through on our promise to cater delicious dishes to your event in a timely and professional manner.