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December has become so busy and so packed with holiday celebrations that many companies are opting to give their employees a break and schedule the company New Year’s party in January. It is stressful enough trying to squeeze in all of your friends and family over the holidays that adding a company New Year’s party may be more stressful for your employees than fun, so why not push it back and celebrate the new year in the new year?

Holiday party catering in Philadelphia

You can still decorate your party and make it festive even though it is January.

Location and logistics for catering your company New Year’s party

Taking your employees off-site to another location for your New Year’s party is good style. Of course, any great party planner or personal assistant can turn your conference room into a sparkly party zone, but if the goal of your New Year’s celebration is to treat your employees, then take them out of the office for a night. Of course, you will miss out on all the great copy room shenanigans, but there’ll be other office parties where such things can take place. New Year’s is something special, so treat your employees to a special location.

Talk to your caterer about your location and facility where the party will be held so that we can plan accordingly. We’ll need to know what equipment is there (is there a kitchen, running water, etc.) so that we can plan and execute your event to perfection. Plus, we’ll know what we need to prepare ahead of time, and what can be prepared on location. If there are no ovens, we’ll need to make sure that everything is cooked and heated and stays warm until service. So, be sure to go over logistics and location with your catering company.

Entertainment and speeches

A company holiday/New Year’s party is the perfect time to reflect and celebrate the successes of the past year, as well as look to the future and inspire your employees. So, if you have planned speeches, presentations, or other forms of entertainment, let us know so we can plan the food service.

Customize your catering menu

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We can customize any menu for any event, but there are a few things you need to consider. If you’re starting with cocktails, you’ll need to have a few hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, and snacks for your guest. If you’re providing seating, we can get a little more creative, making little dishes that will require guests to use both hands. However, if you expect people to be standing and mingling, you’ll need foods that your guests can grab with one hand while holding a cocktail in the other.

Once the cocktail hour is over, we will be ready for your sit-down dinner, serving the first course on time and at the right temperature, making sure every guest eats at the same time. If we are setting up a dinner buffet, we’ll make sure the buffet table is beautifully arranged so that it not only looks incredible but tastes incredible, as well.

Company party catering in Philadelphia and Bucks County

We want to create a menu that is suitable for your event and makes it easy and enjoyable for your guests. Let us help you celebrate the new year with mouthwatering dishes, including the most decadent dessert in Bucks County!