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Planning a wedding requires a lot of coordination. Even the most organized wedding planner is going to be working and finalizing details right up until the happy couple cuts the wedding cake. However, there are a few deadlines that every wedding needs to keep in mind. Your catering company is going to need a final head count a few weeks ahead of time to shop, prep, and make everything beautiful for the special day.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

We’ll need a final headcount to finalize your wedding menu at least ten days in advance.

Send the wedding invitation in time

There’s a reason that wedding invitations sometimes go out six months ahead of the wedding day. You have to allow for your guests to receive the invitation, make arrangements, and then find the time to check the RSVP card and return to sender. You’d be amazed at how many of your guests are going to procrastinate, RSVP at the last minute, or forget altogether.

Sending the invitations out in plenty of time will allow for all of your friends and family to make the proper arrangements; get time off of work, find transportation and lodging if they are coming from out of town, and make arrangements to have their kids and pets taken care of for the weekend if it’s an “adults only” wedding.

RSVP deadline for a wedding

How soon you send out the invitation is up to you, but you should require an RSVP from each guest at least four weeks in advance. One, it allows for plenty of time to get in touch with people who forget to RSVP, or their reply gets lost in the mail (or spam folder.) Two, because your caterer is going to need a final headcount to finalize the menu.

Depending on the size and the type of service you would like for your wedding, we’re going to want a final headcount and a final sign off on the menu at least ten days before the big day.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

No wedding is too big, too small, too fancy, or too casual, as long as we get the final headcount in time.

RSVP food allergies and restrictions

Besides knowing who is coming so you can make seating arrangements, getting RSVPs in plenty of time will allow each guest to let you know of any food allergies or restrictions that they may have. If you have a bunch of family and friends with shellfish and nut allergies, you’re going to have to let your caterer know and allow for time to change or fine-tune the menu.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia and Bucks County

At DiAntonio’s, we strive to be your top choice in wedding catering. We make every dish from scratch using fresh, seasonal, and often locally sourced ingredients. Our attention to detail and efficient, professional service combined with our years of experience is the perfect recipe for a wedding menu that lives up to all of your childhood fantasies of the perfect wedding!

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