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Philadelphia wedding catering

Customize your wedding menu from hors d’oeuvres to desserts.

The colors of fall are enough to make any wedding an absolute vision, but there are a lot more than just an amazing color scheme that goes into planning the perfect wedding. Unless you’re heading for a drive-through in Vegas, chances are you’re going feel overwhelmed at the amount of planning involved. We’ve been catering special events and weddings in Philadelphia for over a decade. Our team of professional chefs is ready to be at your service and make sure that the wedding menu fits your palate and your budget. Of course, each dish will be beautiful enough to make the wedding album – or (at least) your Instagram!

No two weddings are the same

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

Add a little something for the kids at your wedding, like our fresh homemade pasta with tomato sauce basil and grated Parmesan.

We approach each wedding and every couple with a clean plate. No two weddings are ever going to be the same, and we want to hear what YOUR hopes are for the perfect wedding. Every couple has a vision for their wedding menu, the types of dishes they want to see on the menu, as well as dietary restrictions and dislikes that we’ll want to avoid at all costs. This is your day, and it should be a reflection of your taste.

The food should follow the program

A wedding is a finely choreographed event, from the church to the reception to the dinner to the dancing. Our team of chefs and servers are here to make sure you day goes off without a hitch. We will do everything in our power to adhere to the wedding program so that drinks, appetizers, food, and dessert are served at the right time and the right temperature.

Catering for the kid table

A wedding brings the whole family together, and that means kids – and kids mean picky eaters. Instead of fighting with little Billy and Sophie about whether they will like the foods you have picked for the adult menu, talk to the catering staff about adding a few kid options. We still use bright, flavorful, fresh, seasonal ingredients for our “kid-friendly options,” but they are presented in a kid-friendly fashion, like a slider, hotdog, pizza, or our homemade spaghetti and tomato sauce.

Customized wedding mBesidesenu and dessert

Give your guests some sugar in the form of gourmet desserts before dancing the night away.

Philadelphia wedding catering

We strive to be your top choice in wedding catering with our attention to detail and efficient, professional service. Let our team take your ideas and creative vision and pair it with our years of experience to bring you an unforgettable experience on your wedding day. We are committed to going beyond your expectations.