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Planning a winter wedding gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative with the classic wedding decorations and wedding menu. At DiAntonio’s, we believe the best food comes from taking what each season brings. The same goes for your wedding decorations and accessories. Here are our tips for winter wedding dishes and decorations.

Winter wedding catering in Philadelphia

Keep it seasonal with hot chocolate and pine cone decorations.

Plan your wedding according to the weather

There’s no reason you can’t offer your guest a hot toddy or a cup of hot cider as they arrive at your location. You can always toast with the classic champagne a little later, but as your guests arrive, do something different and make your wedding extra memorable.

On the flip side, as your guests are taking off, there’s nothing like a hot cup of cocoa with whipped cream to send them off with love.

Spicy wedding appetizers to warm the blood

Philadelphia wedding catering

Warm up your guests with a little spice on the wedding menu.

If you have guests mingling, it’s hard to serve a cup of soup, but you can think about a few spicy amuse bouche and hors d’oeuvres to, well, spice things up, get the blood flowing, and make your guests forget about the cold Philadelphia winter weather.

Keep wedding menu seasonal

We love to cook all of our dishes from scratch, taking inspiration from the season, sourcing local ingredients to create delicious and memorable dishes for a winter wedding. If you stick with the theme of winter and the season, your food will compliment the rest of your decor and your overall wedding theme.

Keep wedding decorations seasonal

Similarly, taking a page from nature creates beautiful decorations. Use bare twigs, berries, and fall leaves to make seasonal, elegant,  and charming centerpieces. Pine cones are also awesome little accessories, perfect for holding a place card or for numbering each table for your guests.

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Nothing says winter and romance like an abundance of white candles at your wedding venue.

You can also use colorful gourds and pumpkins in clusters to keep your winter wedding natural, rustic, and full of romance.

Live candles for your winter wedding

Using live white votive candles generously spread throughout the venue is the perfect touch to a winter wedding.

Winter wedding catering in Philadelphia

We’ve catered many weddings in the Philadelphia area and Bucks County. Our food tastes great, is made from quality ingredients, and is served in a timely and professional manner. We want your special day to go off without a hitch.

Talk to us about your dream wedding, and we’ll do everything in our culinary power to make it happen!